Agree to Disagree

When a date starts going wrong, it can be dangerous to be near the couple. They might begin with a few words of disagreement, but it might continue when things are thrown. Getting out of the area is always a good idea, but those who know them should find ways to keep them separated. Bad dates between completely incompatible people can turn into an issue for their friends and family, but few of them are able to simply agree to disagree.

It would seem that people with similar backgrounds would get along well together, but differing life philosophies often interfere with any chance of compatibility. Each of them might come from the same economic level, but their life experiences will make one conservative while the other is liberal. Political ideals often separate people, and modern politics have polarized many people to be cruel to those on the other side.

Religion is another point between people where disagreements run deep, and few people today are willing to be open to the beliefs held by others. They see those of a different religion as attempting to break down their own values, and some of them even think of them as enemies. While it is seldom true that the majority of people are that tied to their own religious values, there are those who shut out anyone not of their own faith.

Disagreements between two people can be an issue when dating is part of their relationship, and modern couples have found their own beliefs are more important than getting along with others. Staying far away from this type of couple can be a good idea, but they should also stay away from each other. Knowing they will never be able to compromise is a sure sign a relationship will never work, and they will cause turmoil with their family and friends if they choose to go forward with a romance.