Months without Intimacy

Men often seem to go out and have fun with friends, but they are really seeking relationships. Many want to settle down with one partner and begin building a life together. These types of males find that females can be sparse during the dating season. They hunt for the woman of their dreams, but she is seldom found easily. While the hunt may be fun at the beginning, it eventually becomes an exercise in frustration.

Finding a good partner for a long term relationship takes time. Men often start out looking for someone for an evening of pleasure, but they do not want any more than that. Their outlook on life changes when they decide to begin the hunt for a permanent partner. They no longer seek the company of women for one night stands, and many become male masturbators. They do this to keep from pressuring a potential partner into sexual intimacy before they are ready.

Choosing not to pressure a partner is a good way to see if the person is worthy of a long term relationship. Unfortunately, it is often a time of frustration for the celibate male. Good intentions do not relieve sexual tension, and this is an issue that must be dealt with or it will affect the relationship. A good virtual reality headset and VR porn can solve this problem without involving other people.

The field of virtual reality porn has become a good source of fantasy for males who seek sexual relief. It is not the same as being with a partner, but it does take off the edge of tension that may ruin the relationship. Choosing to relieve tension in this manner is no longer a shameful act, but it is a way to respect the values and needs of a partner. It gives each person the space they require to see if the relationship is worth pursuing.